Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Recently, somebody forwarded me an article from USA Today titled Stripping the Diet Raw, which featured the many benefits of following a raw food diet.

The article commented on the fact that if we look at the natural world, we would never find any other living creatures that are overweight (unless its our overfed pets). It’s almost hard for our minds to conjure up the image of an overweight plant or an overweight lady bug.

This may be due to the fact that all other living creatures consume a steady diet of raw foods, while humans are eating more cooked, processed foods and artificial toxin containing foods.

Thanks to irresponsible commercial farming techniques that depend on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetic modification and hormones to grow crops on already overworked land, a large percentage of today’s food supply has become saturated with toxins and has very little nutritional value.

Why Organic Raw Foods?

In todays world even the majority of raw foods may contain harmful toxins. If we can’t count on raw fruits and vegetables to be pure sources of nutrition, how are we supposed to obtain the energy necessary for life?

The answer lies in choosing organically grown or locally grown foods. Even better, you should grow your own food organically in a backyard garden, provided you don’t live near sources of pollution such as refineries, heavy industry, or freeways.

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