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Please enjoy our samples of Health and Nutrition, Digestive Health, Homeopathy, Vitamins and Herbs.

The Program



TruCore is a dynamic health enhancement and disease prevention educational program. Our web-based series consists of mixed media videos that cover topics such as the Basics of Healthy Living, Essential Nutrients, Herb and Supplements, Holistic care, and U.S. Health Conditions. It is a progressive and proactive approach to promoting health enhancement and disease prevention.



There is a staggering amount of health information available to the public that makes it near to impossible for the average person to sort fact from fiction. At TruCore, our medical professionals navigated the maze to extract and compile updated and well-researched health information for our program.



TruCore offers a series of videos intended for self-guided learning and personal application. Each video is 30-45 minutes long and split into segments for ease of viewing. The videos have associated tests, tasks, and references to encourage continued learning.



The TruCore program can be used alone or as a compliment to any existing wellness initiatives. Its flexibility allows individuals to access the program videos at their convenience and progress at their own pace. It requires little internal management or maintenance for organizations.